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God       Domain List
Aiswin    Fate, Knowledge, Night, Planning, Retrib., Trickery
Asherath  Strength, Knowledge, Planning, Time, Trickery, War
Ekliazeh  Craft, Community, Earth, Law, Strength, Protect.
Erich     Domination, Guardian, Law, Nobility, Protect., War
Essiah    Beauty, Good, Liberation, Luck, Passion, Travel
Hesani    Fate, Weather, Healing, Magic, Succor, Sun
Immotian  Community, Fire, Knowledge, Law, Protect., Succor
Khasrach  Hatred, Destruction, Mysticism, Strength, Pain, War
Kysul     Fate, Good, Mysticism, Planning, Slime, Water
Mara      Beauty, Death, Good, Healing, Night, Succor
Maeve     Beauty, Chaos, Magic, Moon, Nobility, Trickery
Sabine    Air, Chaos, Destruction, Luck, Time, Weather
Semirath  Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Retrib., Trickery
Xavias    Craft, Fate, Knowledge, Magic, Mysticism, Planning
Xel       Community, Death, Evil, Plant, Pain, Trickery
Zurvash   Animal, Night, Domination, Passion, Pain, Strength


  Granted Power: You can command air creatures just as an evil priest commands undead, and you gain the ability to fall without suffering damage (as per feather fall) -- the air naturally buffers your descent.
Offered By: Sabine.
Air Domain Spells:
  1: Wall of Fog
  2: Wind Wall
  3: Gaseous Form
  4: Air Walk
  5: Cloudkill

  Granted Power: Animals are naturally neutral to you.
Offered By: Zurvash.
Animal Domain Spells:
  1: Magic Fang
  2: Hold Beast
  3: Dominate Animal
  4: Commune With Nature
  5: Animal Growth

  Granted Power: You have the power of beguiling magic -- you add your Charisma bonus (if any) to the DC of all of your mental spells. You also recieve a permanant sacred bonus to your Charisma - +1 for every three priest levels.
Offered By: Essiah, Mara, Maeve.
Beauty Domain Spells:
  1: Charm Person
  2: Enthrall
  3: Suggestion
  4: Charm Monster
  5: Music of the Spheres

  Granted Power: You have a bonus to save against compulsions equal to your priest level and you gain the Transmute Spell feat for free. Your individuality and independence are honed to a supernatural level, sustaining your Charisma at a level equal to your priest level.
Offered By: Maeve, Sabine, Semirath.
Chaos Domain Spells:
  1: Miscast Magic
  2: Sign of Discord
  3: Confusion
  4: Chaos Hammer
  5: Animate Objects

  Granted Power: Diplomacy is a treated as a class skill for you. Any allies standing within 30 feet (3 squares) of you receive a +2 circumstance bonus to Defense, +1 per three priest levels.
Offered By: Ekliazeh, Immotian, Xel.
Community Domain Spells:
  1: Valor
  2: Chant
  3: Prayer
  4: Invocation
  5: Resist the Elements

  Granted Power: Craft is treated as a bonus class skill for you. When crafting items, you reduce the cost in gold pieces by five percent per priest level, up to a maximum of 80% at 16th level. You never need a skill kit to use a skill that normally requires such, including Craft, Heal, Disguise, Alchemy, Mining and Lockpicking.
Offered By: Ekliazeh, Xavias.
Craft Domain Spells:
  1: Mending
  2: Detect Objects
  3: Keen Edge
  4: Major Creation
  5: Wall of Stone

  Granted Power: You are supernaturally resistant to negative energy, and have inherent necromantic damage resistance equal to half your level as a priest. You may also perform a Death Touch as an innate spell-like ability, killing any creature with fewer hit points then your roll of (caster level)d8. Each touch costs you one fatigue point, and the ability can be shut off with the cancel command ('x').
Offered By: Mara, Xel.
Death Domain Spells:
  1: Rigor Mortis
  2: Bladethirst
  3: Animate Dead
  4: Death Ward
  5: Slay Living

  Granted Power: You gain the smite ability. Whenever you make a Great Blow attack, your Charisma bonus (if any) is added to the attack roll, and your priest level is added to the damage inflicted.
Offered By: Khasrach, Sabine.
Destruction Domain Spells:
  1: Shatter
  2: Scorcher
  3: Tremor
  4: Explosive Runes
  5: Cloudkill

  Granted Power: You gain the feat School Focus (enchantment) for free at 1st level. The CR of summoned, controlled or commanded creatures you can safely manage increases by +1 every 4th priest level.
Offered By: Erich, Zurvash.
Domination Domain Spells:
  1: Command
  2: Ray of Enfeeblement
  3: Hold Person
  4: Crushing Despair
  5: Dominate Person

  Granted Power: You can command earth creatures just as an evil priest commands undead. You have a bonus to save against petrification equal to your priest level; starting at 7th level, you are immune.
Offered By: Ekliazeh.
Earth Domain Spells:
  1: Magic Stone
  2: Stone Tell
  3: Meld into Stone
  4: Transmute Rock to Mud
  5: Stoneskin

  Granted Power: You cast evocation spells at +1 caster level. You can command demons or devils, as suits your alignment, just as other evil clerics command undead.
Offered By: Xel, The Multitude.
Evil Domain Spells:
  1: Malignance
  2: Desecrate
  3: Armor of Darkness
  4: Unholy Blight
  5: Fiendform

  Granted Power: You have an insight into the weave of destiny, and can identify the blessed / uncursed / cursed state of an item upon picking it up. This ability also grants you a +4 bonus to Intuition checks. You cast Divination spells at +1 caster level.
Offered By: Aiswin, Hesani, Kysul, Xavias.
Fate Domain Spells:
  1: True Strike
  2: Minor Malison
  3: Bestow Curse
  4: Nemesis Spell
  5: Nightmare

  Granted Power: You command fire creatures just as an evil priest commands undead. You gain one level of innate fire resistance with every odd priest level that you gain.
Offered By: Immotian.
Fire Domain Spells:
  1: Burning Hands
  2: Produce Flame
  3: Flaming Sphere
  4: Wall of Fire
  5: Flame Strike

  Granted Power: You are surrounded by a sacred aura. Evil creatures that touch you directly (such as with natural attacks) suffer 1d4 points of damage at first level, increasing to 2d4 at 4th, 3d4 at 7th, and so forth.
Offered By: Essiah, Kysul, Mara, Semirath.
Good Domain Spells:
  1: Benevolence
  2: Divine Sacrifice
  3: Bolts of Glory
  4: Holy Smite
  5: Dispel Evil

  Granted Power: You treat Spot and Listen as bonus priest class skills and gain a +1 bonus to them every 3rd priest level. You are also ever wakeful, being immune to sleep effects.
Offered By: Erich.
Guardian Domain Spells:
  1: Find Traps
  2: See Invisibility
  3: Glyph of Warding
  4: Dimensional Anchor
  5: Energy Buffer

  Granted Power: You are able to choose a hated enemy, much like a ranger does, and gain bonuses in combat against that enemy similar to a ranger's.
Offered By: Khasrach.
Hatred Domain Spells:
  1: Brand of Hatred
  2: Dire Charm
  3: Bestow Curse
  4: Blackmantle
  5: Thornwrack

  Granted Power: All healing spells that you cast are automatically considered to be maximized. You never need to have a healing kit to use any of the functions of the Heal skill.
Offered By: Hesani, Mara.
Healing Domain Spells:
  1: Lifesight
  2: Cure Moderate Wounds
  3: Cure Serious Wounds
  4: Cure Critical Wounds
  5: Heal

  Granted Power: You get all Knowledges as bonus class skills. You gain the Scribe Scroll feat as a bonus feat at 1st level, and gain one extra skill point at every priest level.

Offered By: Aiswin, Asherath, Immotian, Xavias.
Knowledge Domain Spells:
  1: Read Magic
  2: Identify
  3: Lorecall
  4: Clairvoyance
  5: Wizard Sight

  Granted Power: The ordered nature of your mind gives you a bonus to save versus confusion and stunning equal to your priest level, and sustains your Intelligence at a level equal to your priest level. Furthermore, you gain the Sure Spell feat for free at 1st level.
Offered By: Ekliazeh, Erich, Immotian.
Law Domain Spells:
  1: Protection from Theft
  2: Hold Person
  3: Iron Sword
  4: Order's Wrath
  5: Mark of Justice

  Granted Power: You are able to release creatures summoned by other spellcasters from the control their master has over them; at this point they will usually turn on their summoner. Using this power costs two fatigue points, and affects a group of creatures whose combined CR is less than or equal to you priest level.
Offered By: Essiah, Semirath.
Liberation Domain Spells:
  1: Valor
  2: Passwall
  3: Free Action
  4: Restoration
  5: True Seeing

  Granted Power: You gain a +1 sacred bonus to your Luck score every 4th level, starting at 1st. Additionally, you have a 25% chance, +5% per odd priest level, to negate critical hits against you due to sheer luck.
Offered By: Essiah, Sabine, Semirath.
Luck Domain Spells:
  1: Entropic Shield
  2: True Strike
  3: Warning
  4: Premonition
  5: Energy Buffer

  Granted Power: You gain Use Magic Device and Decipher Script as bonus class skills. You gain a bonus to them equal to one-third your priest level.
Offered By: Hesani, Maeve, Xavias.
Magic Domain Spells:
  1: Nystrom's Magical Aura
  2: Mana Theft
  3: Dispel Magic
  4: Wandwierd
  5: Magic Resistance

  Granted Power: When you turn Undead you also turn Lycanthropes. In addition, you gain Faerie Fire as an innate spell-like ability.
Offered By: Maeve.
Moon Domain Spells:
  1: Silversheen
  2: Invisibility
  3: Polymorph Self
  4: Spectral Force
  5: Mooncloak

  Granted Power: Your affinity for the Higher Mysteries allows you to see things no other being can -- you innately perceive invisible creatures.
Offered By: Khasrach, Kysul, Xavias.
Mysticism Domain Spells:
  1: Divine Favor
  2: Hypnotism
  3: Displacement
  4: Lesser Aspect of Divinity
  5: Wizard Sight

  Granted Power: You have infravision out to a range of 30 feet, or your existing infravision has its range extended by 30 feet. Starting at 5th level, you can use Deeper Darkness as an innate spell-like ability at will.
Offered By: Aiswin, Mara, Zurvash.
Night Domain Spells:
  1: Sleep
  2: Globe of Shadow
  3: Nightmare
  4: Summon Shadows
  5: Phantasmal Killer

  Granted Power: You are protected from treachery and ambush by a noble aegis, receiving a +4 bonus to your defense class against surprise attacks. Against you, the bonus damage from a rogue's sneak attack is reduced by two points per priest level, to a minimum of zero. Additionally, you recieve Ride as a priest class skill.
Offered By: Erich, Maeve.
Nobility Domain Spells:
  1: Mount
  2: Enthrall
  3: Phantom Steed
  4: Dismissal
  5: Righteous Might

  Granted Power: You can feed upon the pain you inflict upon others, healing 1 hit point for every 10 that your attacks inflict.
Offered By: Khasrach, Xel, Zurvash.
Pain Domain Spells:
  1: Pain Touch
  2: Wrack
  3: Blackmantle
  4: Thornwrack
  5: Vitriolic Sphere

  Granted Power: Your joy for life gives you a boundless vigor, allowing you to regenerate fatigue in the same manner that dwarves do, starting at 3rd level and increasing every 3rd level thereafter.
Offered By: Essiah, Zurvash.
Passion Domain Spells:
  1: Hideous Laughter
  2: Dire Charm
  3: Emotion
  4: Shout
  5: Dream

  Granted Power: You are able to prepare buff spells more effectively then most spellcasters -- every even priest level reduces the mana cost of buffs by 5%, to a maximum of 25% reduction at 10th level. You also recieve the Extend Spell feat for free at 1st level.
Offered By: Aiswin, Asherath, Kysul, Xavias.
Planning Domain Spells:
  1: Call Companions
  2: Detect Objects
  3: Detect Monsters
  4: Insightful Stroke
  5: Lower Resistance

  Granted Power: You can command plant creatures just as an evil priest commands undead. Wilderness Lore is considered a class skill for you.
Offered By: Xel.
Plant Domain Spells:
  1: Entangle
  2: Barkskin
  3: Forestation
  4: Antiplant Shell
  5: Wall of Thorns

  Granted Power: You can create a protective ward that gives a target creature a resistance bonus to their next saving throw equal in magnitude to your priest level. Additionally, you gain a sacred bonus to your saving throws every 4th priest level, starting at 4th.
Offered By: Ekliazeh, Erich, Immotian.
Protection Domain Spells:
  1: Alarm
  2: Shield
  3: Endure the Elements
  4: Spell Immunity
  5: Magic Resistance

  Granted Power: No enemy can hide from you for long -- you gain Search and Find Weakness as bonus priest class skills. Additionally, you have the power of Retributive Strikes - once a foe has injured you in combat recently for more then 10% of your total hit points, you gain a +1 bonus to all melee attack rolls against that foe, and twice that to damage. This bonus increases to +2 for 20% at 4th level, +3 for 30% at 7th, +4 for 40% at 10th and so forth.
Offered By: Aiswin, Semirath.
Retribution Domain Spells:
  1: Gaze Reflection
  2: Retributive Mirror
  3: Bestow Curse
  4: Fire Shield
  5: Righteous Might

  Granted Power: You can command oozes just as an evil priest commands undead. Additionally, you gain Acid Resistance 1, and this increases by one level every third priest level (at 4th, 7th, etc.). Finally, you are able to move over terrain squares that contain slime without becoming stuck as a constant, innate ability.
Offered By: Kysul.
Slime Domain Spells:
  1: Grease
  2: Blur
  3: Choke
  4: Solid Fog
  5: Conjure Oozes

Offered By: ?
Spider Domain Spells:
  1: Spider Climb
  2: Summon Swarm
  3: Spectral Spider
  4: Giant Vermin
  5: Insect Plague

Granted Power: You gain a sacred bonus to your Strength every five priest levels. Additionally, at the cost of four fatigue points, you can gain a sacred bonus to your strength equal to your full priest level that lasts for one single turn.
Offered By: Asherath, Ekliazeh, Khasrach, Zurvash.
Strength Domain Spells:
  1: Enlarge
  2: Bull's Strength
  3: Force Bolt
  4: Shout
  5: Telekinesis

  Granted Power: You can speak a soothing word, which causes all hostile, non-intelligent living creatures that fail a Will save in your vicinity (60 feet) to become friendly, provided you have not already harmed them. Additionally, you can use sanctuary as an innate spell-like ability at will.
Offered By: Hesani, Immotian, Mara.
Succor Domain Spells:
  1: Calm Emotions
  2: Create Food and Water
  3: Aura of Abjuration
  4: Heroes' Feast
  5: Antilife Shell

  Granted Power: You can perform a Greater Turning, wherein all creatures that would normally be frightened are destroyed outright instead. A Greater Turning costs three times as much mana as a normal turning.
Offered By: Hesani.
Sun Domain Spells:
  1: Call Light
  2: Heat Metal
  3: Searing Light
  4: Dispel Fatigue
  5: Fire Shield

  Granted Power: You have a limited insight into the future, granting you premonitions that have a 50% chance of negating surprise or flat-footedness on any attack made against you.
Offered By: Asherath, Sabine.
Time Domain Spells:
  1: Moment
  2: Slow
  3: Premonition
  4: Haste
  5: Divine Agility

  Granted Power: You gain a +5% class bonus to your base movement rate every 3rd priest level. Additionally, you have the power of limited free action, automatically resisting one paralysis attack per day at 1st level, and one additional automatic resistant every four levels thereafter.
Offered By: Essiah.
Travel Domain Spells:
  1: Longstrider
  2: Magic Mapping
  3: Fly
  4: Dimension Door
  5: Teleport

  Granted Power: Bluff, Hide, Move Silently and Pick Pocket are considered to be priest class skills for you.
Offered By: Aiswin, Asherath, Maeve, Semirath, Xel.
Trickery Domain Spells:
  1: Change Self
  2: Invisibility
  3: Nondetection
  4: Confusion
  5: Displacement

  Granted Power: You gain proficiency with heavy armor and shields, as well as a free weapon focus in your diety's chosen weapon. You recieve a bonus feat from the Warrior list at 7th, 14th and 20th levels.
Offered By: Asherath, Erich, Khasrach.
War Domain Spells:
  1: Magic Weapon
  2: Spiritual Hammer
  3: Magic Vestment
  4: Divine Power
  5: Flame Strike

  Granted Power: You can command water creatures, including fish, just as an evil priest of your level commands undead. Additionally, you treat Swim as a bonus priest class skill, and have an increased chance of a positive result when using a fountain.
Offered By: Kysul.
Water Domain Spells:
  1: Resist Water
  2: Create Water
  3: Water Walking
  4: Whirlpool
  5: Watery Double

  Granted Power: At 1st level you gain the Nature Sense special ability and may see through fog and mist.
Offered By: Hesani, Sabine.
Weather Domain Spells:
  1: Wall of Fog
  2: Gust of Wind
  3: Ice Storm
  4: Lightning Bolt
  5: Control Winds


Armor of Darkness (Theurgy) [Evil]
Level: Evil 3
Mana: 30. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  Casting this spell congeals the pure spiritual matter of evil around your body into a suit of black chainmail as smooth as silk. This armor gives you a slashing rating of 7, piercing of 5 and blunt of 3, and is considered to have a +4 magical enchantment. Additionally, whenever anyone strikes you, they are drained of life energy just as if striking a wraith, losing 2d10x50 XP. A Fortitude saving throw negates the drain.

Benevolence (Theurgy) [Good]
Level: Good 1
Mana: 5. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  Casting this spell evokes an air of trustworthyness around you, exposing your fundamental goodness and encouraging other creatures to deal honestly and fairly with you, knowing you will do likewise. The caster thus recieves a bonus to Diplomacy and Appraise equal to her caster level (minimum +5).

Bolts of Glory (Theurgy)
Level: Good 3
Mana: 15. Base Success: 90%.
  Casting this spell allows the priest to produce bolts of pure spiritual goodness, hurling them at foes like missiles. The caster gains one such bolt immediately when the spell is cast, as well as another bolt every turn until she has thrown a number equal to her caster level or cancelled the spell. The bolts inflict 1d8 points of holy damage (which only affects evil creatures) per odd caster level, and cause fear in inherantly evil creatures if a Will saving throw is failed. Hitting a target with a bolt of glory requires a ranged attack roll.

Brand of Hatred (Theurgy)
Level: Hatred 1
Mana: 10. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  This spell brands a weapon of your choice, forever marking it as a Bane weapon (+2 attack bonus, +2d6 magic damage) against your Favored Enemy from the Hatred Domain power.

Chaos Hammer (Evocation) [Chaotic]
Level: Chaos 4
Mana: 8. Short duration. Base Success: 75%.
  Unleashes a burst of primordial chaos to strike against law, inflicting 1d8 points of chaotic damage per two caster levels and confusing lawful creatures who fail a Fortitude save for 1d4 rounds.

Conjure Oozes (Weavecraft)
Level: Slime 5
Mana: 30. Persistant. Base Success: 75%.
  Summons multiple oozes equalling a total CR of half your caster level (rounding up) + 3, which will remain as your companions for the rest of the day. Casting this spell costs 1 Fatigue point.

Divine Sacrifice (Theurgy)
Level: Good 2, Paladin 1
Mana: 3.
  Casting this spell, you sacrifice between two and ten hit points in order to gain the ability to inflict +1d10 extra damage on the next creature you hit for every 2 hit points you lose. The effect lasts only a short time; if you do not hit within the spell's duration, the sacrificed hit points are wasted. You can sacrifice a maximum number of hit points equal to your paladin level.

Find the Path (Special Ability)
Mana: None.
  (Resource Zero)

Holy Smite (Evocation) [Good]
Level: Good 4, Paladin 4
Mana: 8. Short duration. Base Success: 75%.
  Calls down holy power to smite evil creatures, inflicting 1d8 points of holy damage per two caster levels and blinding evil creatures who fail a Fortitude save for 1d4 rounds.

Iron Sword (Theurgy)
Level: Law 3
Mana: 25. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  It is a result of ancient covenants between the ur-gods of light and darkness that certain substances and symbols are anathema to some creatures. It is fitting, then, that clerics of Law can call upon these things and strengthen that ancient contract.
  When a priest casts this spell, she gains several related benefits. When she wields a silver weapon, the material bonus against lycanthropes and devils increases from +2/+2 to +5/+5; she gains a similar benefit from using wrought iron against elves and demons, raising the bonus damage from +2d6 to +5d6. A thrown flask of holy water does 7d6 points of damage rather than 3d6. If she makes the Knowledge (Theology) check to incorporate opposing elements into a Banishment spell, the save DC increases by +5 instead of +2.

Lesser Aspect of Divinity (Theurgy)
Level: Mysticism 4
Mana: 35. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  Causes you to take on some of the qualities of a celestial being: you gain an enhancement bonus of 1d4+1 to your Charisma score, darkvision, a +2 bonus to saving throws against disease and poison, and acid, cold and electricity resistance of 5 + half your caster level.

Malignance (Theurgy) [Evil]
Level: Evil 1, Blackguard 1, Twilight Huntsman 1
Mana: 5. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  Casting this spell evokes an air of hatefulness and malice around the caster, making her seem sinister and terrifying while obscuring her true intentions. The caster thus recieves a bonus to Bluff and Intimidate equal to her caster level (minimum +5).

Mark of Justice (Enchantment) [Lawful]
Level: Law 5
Mana: 10.
  This spell can be cast in one of two forms; both forms are channeled through a touch attack that causes a tattoo-like mark to appear on the touched creature's body, visible only to creatures who can see invisible or ethereal creatures. The caster recieves only one touch, but there is no saving throw to resist the placement of the mark. The mark is a curse and can be removed using a remove curse spell. Neither version of this spell affects Lawful creatures, or creatures who cannot understand law due to not being sapient.
  Mark of Transgression: This version of the spell marks the subject creature as an inveterate criminal, and causes any lawful creatures who percieve him to be automatically hostile to him. There is no saving throw involved in this version of the spell.
  Mark of Punishment: This more corrective version of the Mark causes the subject to suffer gradually-increasing Constitution damage whenever they commit an unlawful act (defined in the current version of the game as striking a lawful creature). A Will saving throw negates this effect, but a seperate save must be made for each unlawful act, and a successful save only prevents damage for that act, not breaks the whole spell.
  In addition to the effects of a specific Mark, a priest who places a Mark of Justice can always percieve the creature that it was placed on, even if walls or other barriers seperate them, as if that creature were the subject of a detection spell.

Miscast Magic (Enchantment) [Mind-Affecting]
Level: Chaos 1
Will negates. Mana: 4. Base Success: 90%.
  Channels chaos to disrupt the formulae of magic, increasing an enemy caster's spell failure chance by 40% if said caster fails a Will save.

Moment (Divination)
Level: Time 1
Mana: 2. Extended duration. Base Success: 95%.
  By discerning the most numeralogically perfect moment in which to perform a given action, you are able to gain a +4 circumstance bonus to the next skill roll you make.

Music of the Spheres (Evocation)
Level: Beauty 5, Twilight Huntsman 4
Will negates. Mana: 12. Base Success: 90%.
  Casting this spell allows the priest to produce music of such unearthly beauty that all creatures hostile to her of CR 5 or lower must stand transfixed in mute awe for 1d4 rounds. Additionally, creatures of any CR whose alignment opposes the priest's god's ethos suffer 1d4 points of sonic damage per caster level, and are debilitated in a manner specific to the diety. Maeve's priestesses make alien, discordant music which smites and confuses lawfuls, Mara's children produce tones which cause intense sadness, slowing evil creatures, and Essiah's joyful ballad causes evil creatures to be nauseated. Other casters stun targets who oppose them on the good/evil spectrum. A Will save negates the debilitation but not the damage.
  The music affects all creatures within 80 feet of the caster, and the priest and her allies are immune. Allies who are bards or casters can even add to the effect in a cooperative manner, forming a choir. A bardic ally adds half her bardic music level to the effect's caster level, while a priestly ally adds half her caster level.

Order's Wrath (Evocation) [Lawful]
Level: Law 4
Mana: 8. Short duration. Base Success: 75%.
  Calls a matrix of aligned energies to strike against chaos, inflicting 1d8 points of lawful damage per two caster levels and stunning chaotic creatures who fail a Fortitude save for 1d4 rounds.

Pain Touch (Necromancy)
Level: Pain 1, Blackguard 1
Fortitude negates. Mana: 1. Long duration. Base Success: 95%.
  Any living creature you touch is overcome with agony on a failed Fortitude save, suffering a -3 general penalty to all actions. You get a number of touches per casting equal to your priest level (minimum 3).

Protection from Theft (Abjuration)
Level: Law 1
Mana: 2. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  This spell protects the caster from having her property stolen, making her preternaturally alert and perceptive with regard to pickpockets -- in game terms, granting her a +4 bonus to saving throws against theft.

Retributive Mirror (Necromancy)
Level: Retribution 2
Mana: 20. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  While under the influence of this spell, one third of all damage dealt to you (round down) is reflected back to the attacker. Unless the attacker dies, the full amount then strikes you.

Silversheen (Arcana)
Level: Moon 1
Mana: 20. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  This magical spell transmutes one of your non-organic weapons, missiles, shields or armor into silver. Silver weapons strike true against undead, demons, devil and lycanthropes but have only half the hardness of iron. Silver armor grants increased defense to attacks from such creatures. The transmutation is permanant.

Spectral Spider (Weavecraft)
Level: Spider 3
Mana: 25. Persistant. Base Success: 100%.
  Summons a quasi-real spider-like creature that the caster begins to ride. The spider can be ridden by you quite rapidly (half again as fast as a warhorse or warpony). It can also magically traverse dangerous terrain (e.g., icy floors, brimstone). It also has a bite attack, injecting giant spider venom.

Unholy Blight (Evocation) [Evil]
Level: Evil 4
Mana: 8. Short duration. Base Success: 75%.
  Calls forth a cloud of greasy malevolance, inflicting 1d8 points of evil damage per two caster levels and sickening (-2 to hit, damage and saving throws) good creatures who fail a Fortitude save for 1d4 rounds.

Wrack (Special Ability)
Mana: None.
  (Resource Zero)