Incursion Roguelike

Incursion is a traditional roguelike. This puts you as the player, at the entrance of a dungeon with dangers, mysteries and treasures ahead. Whether you will choose to arm yourself with the weapons at your disposal, or through the use of the arts of magic, is something only you can decide.

The use of abstract text to represent the game world instead of graphics, allows you to fill in the gaps with your imagination, much as you would if you were reading a novel.

Incursion is only developed on Windows, and there are no binaries available for other platforms. However, it is open source, so you can port it to your platform of choice.

Here are a few select screenshots. If you have some screenshots you feel would show the game well, please get in contact and submit them to be featured here.
Character creation
Exploring the world
Careful where you sleep
Enemies use tactics

YouTube has a few gameplay videos of people playing Incursion. If you have a better video you can upload there, then please get in contact and submit it to be featured here.